Darn it, back in the hospital again.

Larry F

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Nov 5, 2006
Iowa City, IA
It just occurred to me that we haven't heard from @Paul in Colorado for a long while. I hope he's just been busy, but I'm worried.
I'm very sorry to say that Paul passed away recently. I recall that someone close to him posted the news on his tdpri account.

Of all of the losses we seem to be experiencing with greater frequency, Paul's was particularly crummy. He was a model for me in how he always kept trucking, no matter what. Music was everywhere in and around him, and it was a wonderful pleasure getting to know him. We are also soul brothers from the stars, i.e., we were born on the same day. I hate not having him here. He was such a good, honest, and warm presence in the forum.

Nightclub Dwight

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Aug 12, 2016
I'm so sorry to hear this. I may have read that post that you refer to and blocked it out. Paul was definitely one of the members who I always enjoyed. My condolences got out to all who knew him, whether in person or through this forum.

Thank you for letting me know Larry.

String Tree

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Dec 8, 2010
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Well CMV reared it’s ugly head. I’m back in the hospital again. 2 weeks ago went to my GP for a cough that wouldn’t go away. Ended up getting a lung drained for 1.8 ltr of fluid. Went to Tacoma, laid low for a couple of days and drove back for labs last Wednesday. Saturday night got a phone call to report to Liver Teams hospital. At this point they were concerned over the cough and the fact that the cough was still there. Chest X-ray ultra sound, lung is full of fluid again. They again drained it, 2.280ml this time. They’d had me on antivirals for CMV since day one. These are hard on the kidneys and mine have been challenged since day one.
This morning the PA is saying all the numbers are good. I’ll take it but they want me one more day to be sure it stays that way.
Sigh, can’t catch a break.

All my best for a speedy recovery.
I really hope they get you straightened out Quick!

- ST