Cropper tone: Mable John’s “Same Time, Same Place” (Stax 215, released Apr 10, 1967)

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    Thinking this is probably one of the ’63 Teles, through the Harvard. Even though the European Tour seems to have been around April (April 7 in Norway), this record had to have been cut some time before release date. So probably not the “replacement” ’67 Tele.

    The two ’63s:

    The replacement ’67:

    Voting Harvard because had read some reference to the Super Reverb not coming till early-mid 1967. Could be wrong here.

    Some 1967 studio pictures, including Steve’s hand-drawn studio floorplan, down a ways on this Gear Page thread:
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    Cool drawings on that post. For anyone looking at that who is not familiar with the Stax recording room, those drawings show the ceiling heights of 13' and 26'. That's because the building was originally a movie theater. They took out the seats so the floor of the studio is sloped downward. If you ever get to Memphis, a tour of the modern day recreation of Stax is a must-see.
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