Creamery Tapped Tele Bridge, BK Flat 52 or?

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    This is for an Esquire partscaster project I'm working on. I'm currently using a Fender OV bridge in my test guitar, with Eldred wiring and 250K pots. The output is a bit on the low side, perhaps lacks a bit of weight to the sound. So I'm looking for a bit more output, but don't want to lose top end (I think the BK Flat 50 might be too smooth for my taste for example).

    I'm currently between the Bare Knuckle Flat 52 or I've come across the Creamery Tapped Tele bridge: The Creamery tapped gives a 7.5K and 9.6K option via a switch, so like two pickups in one. I get the impression the Creamery would straddle the sound of the Flat 52 being more like a Flat 50 in 9.6K mode and more like a '64 BK in 7.5K mode. I'd use a pull switch on the tone pot to control this, so it would be a nice stealthy install (I did something similar on my avatar Tele to select series or parallel wiring on the 'Lil '59 bridge pick up).

    Creamery link here:

    Bare knuckle link here:

    Bare in mind I'm UK based, so these both work out the same price with delivery and any alternatives would need to be easy to obtain over here. Things like Lollars are much more expensive over here for example.

    Has anyone tried the Tapped Tele bridge? Even better, compared one to a Flat 52?
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    I guess it depends, whether you want stealth options, or simplicity? I like a Broadcaster type bridge pickup but also enjoy the sparkle of a '52. The temptation to have both, would probably colour my decision, especially when you don't have the option of a neck pickup or the choice to engage both tones at once.

    The tapped pickup isn't exorbitant, for the extra functionality....;)
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