could you recommend a speaker?

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by analogtubeguy, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Apr 29, 2003
    I know you said you didn't think highly of Eminence speakers, but a Red Fang would be very good in that amp. As would a Cannabis Rex. From the tone your describing, a C-Rex would fit the bill.
  2. mabley123

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    Aug 21, 2011
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    jbl d120f was the original upgrade replacement for anything 12 inch in the 60's. they are expensive but have a great sound. they are alnico.

    i have 6 jbl e120's. they are ceramic and it seems that ceramic are better for this amp? or it is said to get ceramic for this amp?

    a jbl e120 will make your amp sound noticably louder vs. similar speakers at the same volume settings. it is very efficient ( 103 db-1 wt-1 meter ) and does not take much to push it...but it can take about anything you can throw at it. they are very flat and bright sounding and do not color the tone much. thats why we have tone controls.
    the d and k series have a different voice than the e series. and sensitivity and power ratings are different.

    jimi hendrix, duane allman and dicky betts all changed out the celestions in their for the jbl d120f.

    fane also make very efficient speakers.

    if you are or not familar with them?....... they are what comes in a hiwatt. they were the first speaker manufacturer for guitar speakers that broke the 100db @ 1 watt 1 meter.
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    celestion blue. if you're playing the 5E3 at lower power levels, the blue's low-wattage rating will be helpful. it doesn't take much to get a blue singing. if you want tighter bass, a heritage g12h.
  4. DOGMA Dunn

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    Mar 2, 2011
    I like the modern jensen c12q. Some will argue it is not like a original from the 60s but that's not what I want. In my clone 5e3 with deluxe reverb transformers, and larger power supply filter caps, the c12q has smooth clear highs, thick mids when needed, and a tight punchy bass without fart at higher volumes. Also, this speaker is more efficient than the older era alnicos, hence allows for more clear/clean overhead when going into higher volumes. And retains the smooth long sustain at moderate and low volumes as well. Overall, it is very balanced and will get a fender tone. As you know the original circuit of the 5e3 becomes more mid focus when you turn the volume up over the sweet spot it starts to sound like an old bassman or early marshall 1974x. The scooped mid voice of the c12q, IMO, balances out the mids when using the amp in high volumes, hence you get a character of the 5e3 and the balance of a deluxe reverb, for clear/clean sound, at higher volumes with the clarity of the bass and trebble and mids.

    Check out the jensen website they have sound clip samples as does eminence. Both companies make a variety of speakers that can fit your needs.
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