Constructing A Specific Search On Reverb With Exclusions


Jan 23, 2018
North Of Atlanta, South of Disorder
Do any of you guys have any advice about constructing a very specific search on Reverb? I like to create, then save the searches so I can be notified by electronic mail when matches are found. I see how to include specific things, limit price, brand, location, etc. but how do you exclude certain keywords? For example, I'm looking for a Gibson Firebird, but I don't want to see Studios, Tributes, or the awful Firebird Zero. Normal boolean operators like - AND, OR, etc. don't seem to work. I know I can do a Google search with syntax like "gibson firebird -studio" but that brings me everything, including mint condition 1963 Firebird V's for $7,900 when all I want is a good deal on a decent Firebird for around $2k or less. Any suggestions?

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