Considering a Vintage HiFi System… Thoughts?

Blue Bill

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Feb 15, 2014
It's hard to advise you without knowing what your goals and budget are.

Do you have a large record or CD collection? Music files? Streaming a la Spotify?
Is this something you'll be using for most of your music listening or just every once in a while?
Is your primary interest in sound quality, cool vibe, cost, value, or some combination?
What's your overall budget for speakers, amp and source(s)?
^ This. If you are looking for advice, the first question you need to answer is, how much are you ready to spend? From there, you can find the components that fit your budget and your music collection and interests. Otherwise, we're shooting in the dark here.


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Jan 31, 2014
A second thought… is there anything current that compares?
I use aN Onkyo TX 8020 receiver, with Infinity micro2 speakers and an old Marantz CD player, for my second stereo and am pretty happy with it, but I don't have the opportunity to do a lot of comparison shopping- last receiver I had (I usually go for separates) was an AR, and this compares quite well.


Aug 28, 2015
Racoon City
Re receivers, I started on hifi separates twenty five years ago and the base of my system was a Sherwood R125 receiver. I gradually went up the Sherwood ladder and peaked with the Sherwood R956 receiver which was a seriously good piece of hifi, imo. I still have it but replaced it with a Cambridge Audio amp and a Denon digital tuner which I don't think are on the same level, the Cambridge is middle of the range for them whereas the Sherwood was high end of their range.

My most recent hifi purchase was a new Teac twin tapedeck which I bought a few months ago. I had decided to finally digitise my tape collection but the two used Sherwood decks I purchased on ebay were running slow, up to an extra seven minutes on a ninety minute tape. I had them serviced and sold them on to friends and bought the Teac new because it has a pitch control for the first deck and I'm running it slightly fast to get each tape coming in at about ninety two minutes, the tapes may have stretched with age but I'd rather have slightly fast than really slow. I'd digitised one hundred and fifty tapes before I gave up and bought the Teac and started again, I'm two hundred tapes in on an unknown amount, definitely four figures as I am halfway through the first of six storage containers of tapes. I lost all of my tapes, around one hundred and fifty, when I was eighteen, these are everything from then on until I started recording to CDR instead. I'm recording a WAV master file and an MP3 at the highest quality setting on Audacity, I have I think four blank 160GB Ipod Classics set aside for the tapes, I bought two of these last week when I realised the empty ones I have aren't going to be enough, I'd rather have four with high quality digital files than one with low quality digital files.

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