Conjuring up new 4-way broadcaster wiring

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    Jul 24, 2015
    I was writing this big long post and then I figured out the answer to my own question. Ha! I’m no electronics wiz but I’ve got some grasp and maybe this proves both of those claims.

    I created this post originally to see if I could create a wiring schematic that incorporates the traditional 4-way series wiring mod with the broadcaster-type blend pot mod. I was dreaming up a wiring configuration that would have position 1 have the neck blended in in parallel and position 2 with the neck blended in in series.

    Then it occurred to me that this would not work because if I have the neck pickup completely blended out in series, the bridge will be too. I’m guessing this is why no one has made this diagram yet. I wonder if anyone out there knows some electrical jiu jitsu to work around this or if it’s an unfixable fact of physics.

    I think I may still go ahead and do something like this knowing that I’ll have to have both pots dimed (they almost always are anyways) to get volume in series.

    Again I’m no expert but I think I can study and state enough to figure out a schematic to get the following to happen in each position:

    1) Bridge w/Neck blended in parallel
    2) Bridge & Neck in series (must have both pots dimed)
    3) Neck only
    4) Neck only w/large tone cap (woman or bass-tone)

    Joe Gore’s demonstration here made me certain I need to try this configuration. I just don’t want to lose the series mod because I like it and use it.
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