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Mar 2, 2003
Vendor Program - Vendors may sign up for our Vendor Program which permits commercial discussion of products and services. Vendor Program membership also allows members to have commercial usernames, avatars and signatures with links to their websites. Vendors may post commercial classified ads. Plus, they may post product notices and special offers.

If you have a product or service for sale to the TDPRI audience then you'll no doubt want to join our Vendor Program. The cost is $250 per year OR $25 per month auto-billed for 12 months. Click here to learn more or to join the TDPRI Vendor Program now.

Regular Members - No Commercial Posts, Usernames, Signatures, Avatars or Images Allowed
No regular member (that is one that is not a registered vendor) may mention their business, their product or service or any customers or sales to customers in any post, username, signature, avatar or image posted on the website.

Members may not mention, state or discuss that they own/work for a company, website, or concern that sells guitar and music related products and services. They may not mention their company, their products, their services, their customers or their website in any post, signature, avatar, profile post or information.

Anyone posting about anything that is made or purchased for resale is a commercial concern.

NOTE: This includes hobby businesses, part-time businesses, garage based businesses and/or websites with items for sale, advertising, or affiliate links.)

Posting a link or reference to your commercial website (Blog, Forum, Facebook page, Ebay Listing/Store, etc) in a signature, post or thread is not permitted.
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