Clips from a really cool Worship event I got to play Saturday


Dec 3, 2012
Birmingham Alabama
Rick our Worship leader from our Church as well as Chad my former drummer sat in here here in a community worship event at a fairly new local church. Several of the same players were here from the last community worship event we had last spring. This may be some thing we try to do several times a year at different Churchs in the area. Because of the small stage I wound having to set up in front of one of the mains and the sub as you can see here so it was super loud and undefined on stage. Could have worn in ears but would have had to run a LOT of volume to get over the main and sub so just dealt with it. Ran my little 1/10 20 watt Boogie Subway Rocket and miced with my 2016 Kiesel DC 600. Was suprised that the recording out front turned out so well! Really cool event and feel blessed I got to participate in this one! Super cool free flowing event with some pretty good players and singers last night. Was really nice to get the chance to play with a number of other local P/W players I had never met before. Hope this thing becomes a regular event in this area.

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