Clip on mics for acoustic live gigs?


Dec 17, 2015
Have you tried the audio-technica clip on mics?
At the last gig I tried something new (to me). I put a figure 8 condenser on a stand above the violin player, to make switching instruments easier. The mic was pointing down, so the side nulls blocked the rest of the stage better than a cardioid pattern would, and the other side of the pattern was pointed at the ceiling. It worked pretty well.

I have not tried the A-T clip on mics knowingly, someone might have brought their own. Most of our acts tend to play one of two styles, mic/pick up into a pedal board or they want a mic on a stand to control their volume/dynamics. I much prefer mics on stands, call me old fashion, but me the guy who builds auto wahs and has 7 or 8, really hates dobro through one. As for the figure 8 idea, I have done it for classical violin before, there was a recording engineer involved, but in this venue the retractable roof is really low. So it would really be interesting if we had unexpected weather after sound check. My favorite violin/fiddle mic discovery was doing a musical and when they finally found a violin player half way through rehearsals my only choice was a MD441. Worked great.