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    There's a guy in Orlando who sells out of his house what he describes as solid top classical guitars for $85.

    Since I wanted to get back into classical but don't have much money right now I got one.

    The thing was unplayable at first. The frets were uneven, the saddle was too low and the nut needed filing. Now that I've fixed all that its very playable and sounds pretty good

    I can confirm that it appears to really be a solid top because I can see the grain run from top to bottom at the sound hole.

    The question is: solid what?

    I would assume its spruce with an amber tint to the finish but don't really know. Also, I can't see any seam running through the middle of the top so that is also a mystery.

    Any ideas?

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    At first glance, I would say it's ply, as in a peeled log. I'm not saying it definitely is, just has that indeterminate look to me.

    I would not let that bother me though, if it was. You got a good deal.

    So, you mean to say that, looking at the edge of the soundhole, you see the grain from top to bottom? There is wood all over China and Asia that could easily be unrecognizable to us Westerners.

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