CHEAP delay pedal with 100% wet capability ?


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Sep 18, 2011
los angeles
Or as it's been called lately, "kill dry". I really don't care which way it achieves wet only, be it a mix or level control thats zero dry signal when all the way up, a second output for wet only, or a kill dry switch. As long as it definately will allow a wet only output.

As for delay quality....i could care less. It will be used to go to a second delay only amp and the repeats of any delay have never mattered to e because quality is a non issue. In a way it's actually better if quality is low because that will leave amp #1, the dry only amp to remain tonally superior. And it will only be used for a very low amount of delay anyways, somewhere around 15-20%. In any case, wet only is absolutely necassary, and the cheaper the better......any ideas?

Ben Harmless

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Mar 10, 2003
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I believe that all the EHX memory-people pedals can go full-wet, and the Memory Toy is usually pretty cheap, especially used.

Don't forget that most delays with dual outputs have an option to get full-wet out of one of them - sometimes by using a dummy plug in the other. This does not apply to everything though. RTFM.

Oh, and the Flashback Mini delay is generally not too pricey, and can go full-wet via the Toneprint editor.

Hooray for fun wet amp setups!


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Mar 2, 2003
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Maybe if you described exactly what you are trying to do you'd get more...and better responses.

"low quality" and the dry being "tonally superior" are not real clear, and 15-20% of the dry signal level is actually very loud.

So do you want a "$25 analog or digital delay that sounds like crap for only one repeat"? That's what I'm reading, more or less.

For what, musically?

And a caution - if you'l be turning it on and off cheaper is NOT better, because the footswitches are usually fake and just activate a small electronic switch that doesn't last long. The jacks are often mounted with plastic nuts as well.

So unless this is for a one-shot project cheaper isn't going to be better.

Anyway, a clearer description of the REASON for your need and a musical description or example ywould really help - otherwise you may be steered the wrong direction.