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    Hello all,

    I am in search of a band in Charlotte. I've noticed there's a few on this forum that live here or are at least familiar with the city (I'm from Alabama) so I was curious if anyone would like to play sometime or would be willing to give some advice about places to go to network and find like-minded musicians.

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    When things open up, should they ever, go hang out up in NODA, North Davidson. Its a very active music area, well at least it was before Covid. Its also a very late night area.

    What styles do you play ? What is your background ?

    Charlotte is NOT a Country Music town, not even a Blues town anymore since the iconic Double Door closed.

    A good majority of the bands are a mix of originals ,POP Rock and Alt Country. Hard to define. Typically a very closed tight community, hard to break into.

    Several years back many of the venues who featured live bands went to mostly Solo's and DUO's .

    There is , well was before Covid, a Dance circuit based on Country and Rock . If you are fortunate to land a gig with a band in that rotation you can be pretty busy, but they are not Charlotte based, more Charlotte region. I was very busy in this arena for a very long time on both Steel Guitar and Telecaster. The trick to this rotation is songs , we gotta know a million songs , these bands do NOT rehearse, they PLAY weekly. We either fit in or they find someone else. The other caveat to these rotation circuit bands is commitment, its every week, sometimes 2x/week, for months on end. You can't call in sick or " bored" !

    Theres also many self proclaimed "stars" in Charlotte. Should you show up inquiring about a guitar gig you may hit a brick wall ! :) But you have to start somewhere .

    Many players in town know who I am and are familiar with my catalog/styles , but very few outside of 2 or 3 call. 100 players all seeking the same 3 gigs. 97 of them inside the social circle as well.

    Sometimes I wonder if being in the Social Circle is more important than if we can actually play the songs ! I did step into the Social Circle for a brief period, to be honest, it wasn't fun.
    It felt like a battle for who can be the most popular in a popularity contest. I walked , I escaped.

    I am very busy playing duo gigs with a bandmate of 15 years and should the summer festivals return we hopefully will get back on track next year. We'll see.

    tp In Charlotte.
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