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    I currently have a tweed champ clone, and I’ve thought about building a Blackface Vibro champ that has the ability to cover tweed tones. I thought, if the circuitry can get close enough, would the different cabinet change things too? I love my tweed because the whole cabinet resonates like an acoustic guitar whole all of my blackface amps were stiffer (granted, all those cabinets were MDF cabinets, not solid pine).

    Imagine that someone played the very same amp through a tweed champ cabinet and then a blackface cabinet, both with identical speakers. What differences would come from the cabs?

    According to MojoTone….

    Both have shells made of solid pine with 1/4” finger joints.

    Both have baffle and back panels made of Baltic birch ply.

    Blackface cabinet is 8.5 lbs, with dimensions: (H) 14" x (W) 17" x (D) 7-1/2".

    Tweed cabinet is 8 lbs with dimensions: (H) 13" x (W) 14-1/2" x (D) 8-7/8".

    So we’re probably talking slight differences. But, the tweed cab is deeper and it’s back panel is pretty big making it closer to a closed-back cab. Meanwhile the blackface cab is shallower and the back more wide open.
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