Center tap from a dual secondary

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    Aug 2, 2016
    I have a toroidal power amp I'm installing into a reverb unit, SS bridge rectification. I've used these before and always simply 'parked' the unused secondary, but I'd like to try using the two together with a centre tap. I've searched online and it seems do-able, but the explanations are a little vague as to how I go about it.
    This is how I understand it: If I tack one wire from each secondary together, power up, and if I have connected the correct two, I should see 460V. If I have them paired incorrectly, I will see zero and will need to swap one wire.
    However, I want 230V at the rectifier, so if I earth the connected wires - the centre tap, and connect the other two to the rectifier in the usual way, I'll have 230V there?

    I'll note that I don't actually need to do this. I only need need 60 ma and a single secondary will provide 200. Still, I'd like to understand how this all works.

    Many thanks!
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