Carlo Robelli Hollow Body 6120 Style Twang Box...


Doctor of Teleocity
Jun 10, 2003
White Mountains
Recently I got another catalog and there were a bunch of these Korean made hollow Jazz boxes. The model #ES-500 is a clone (with the exception of the headstock)
of the Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe (in fact in the catalog it's practically right under it; Epi markets THEIR SG Custom on the same page as Gibson's "real deal")
Is it safe to assume that this is the same factory producing both and the "Carlos" are overstock or reworks ? Here's the thing; they have a 6120 clone that they're marketing and I'm wondering if anyone out there in The Forum has had any experience or working knowledge of Carlo Robelli's products. I don't rely on Harmony Central because everything on HC is "fabulous" a "10" shades of a well known geetar rag "it's great, buy it now, in fact buy two". Any information of this branch of Korean manufacturing would be valued by one and all. I do my own work so I'm looking for a decent core at a reasonable price, I'll probably go to Fatdog anyway
(HIS stuff is amazing) and get what I want for less money and 5 times the quality, but I'm curious what experiences Forum members have had with Carlo Robelli.