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Can you ID the guitar this Tele P.U. came from?

Discussion in 'Tele-Technical' started by DiamondDave, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. DiamondDave

    DiamondDave NEW MEMBER!

    Feb 25, 2021
    Salem or
    Recently acquired this... it's a 'tele' type bridge pickup that measures 6.6K and has the words...
    'Players Precision' inscribed on the top (hard to get a good photo). Metal appears to be gold plated, but who knows. Entire flatwork is metal. Cable says made in Japan... so that's a clue I guess. Looks like it used to have a piece of tape across the slugs on the bottom, like real Fenders had under the elevator plate, but no elevator plate came with this.... might be missing plate or possibly never had one. Much heavier than a normal Fender pickup. DSCN5162.JPG DSCN5163.JPG DSCN5164.JPG DSCN5167.JPG
    Anyone seen this before?
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