Can someone please explain to me what just went on here?

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by EsquireOK, Apr 29, 2019.

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    First off, this made me shoot coffee out of my nose as a "christian musician" friend and I were discussing this same thing the other day. Most worship guitarist have a pedal board that looks like this...


    Tape delay, analog delay, digital delay, reverse delay, double delay, delay in a fog, delay in a frog, and delayed by USPS.

    I told a guy recently unless you have a Strymon pedal of some kind or multiple delays you can't play modern worship music correctly!
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    Apr 17, 2007
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    I don't feel like you need to let it go. You posed a question on a public forum and you are getting all sorts of answers from all sorts of different opinions. There is nothing wrong with that and I don't feel like you are trying to justify your position. Again I think it was a difference in communication styles. I get in trouble all the time because my emails don't account for "humor". I wrote something to a co-worker who got offended one time. She called me and I explained it using my Forrest Gump voice, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get" and then she laughed. She thought I was calling her stupid when I was just letting her know I was on her side and sometimes things do not always go right. Saved me a trip to HR for sure!
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    Feb 20, 2018
    My first impressions: he's desperate to sell and you get his hopes up but then dash them. that simple. you were polite, and in biz there is no harm in asking. honestly I was 'out' when I saw his second response... you don't want to buy from this idiot cause he's gonna send you a lotus and then accuse you of having switched guitars on him.
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    Reading between the lines, I'm not sure you want this guitar.

    I'm great at buying guitars but terrible at selling them. With kindest regards, I wouldn't mind enlisting you to choose a guitar for me to buy but I would be terrified to try to buy from you. These are just guitars, not control over the Fox Film Studios or General Electric or something. This is supposed to be fun. You're pummeling all the fun out of the process.

    This vendor and I probably have 0% in common but I can't tell you how I empathized with his efforts to disengage. If you make a typical seller feel like he's being stalked, he's going to attempt to escape. Has nothing to do with whether he's on the up and up, or not.

    Btw, your posts are superb. You've got a big reservoir of credibility but this is your Achilles Heel I think.
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    Mar 5, 2014
    Was the seller in west central Ohio?
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    Aug 30, 2011
    He is in Illinois. He lowered his asking price by $20, BTW – the day after we last corresponded. The guitar still pops up in social media ads and when I open

    Today I took my cel to be repaired at a place that happens to be two blocks from my nearest G.C. I remembered that the G.C. Website had listed one of those guitars in stock there, so I went to see it.

    I didn't see it at first. Someone there eventually figured out that they have the two tone burst in stock, not the red.

    I was not excited about the burst until I had the guitar in my hands. It is beautiful. The top has a lot of plain grain, with some tasteful figuring only around the middle seam. It's like a sweet patch of mild flame plopped down in the middle of a plain top. Gives it the effect of a three layer burst: flame, out to plain, and then out to black. I have always wanted a two tone burst or wine red on a carved top LP. Online pix did not make these bursts look good, but I love it in person. It's way better than the red.

    I played it through a Fender DRRI for about 45 minutes or an hour. After about 25 minutes almost entirely on the neck pickup (which sounds really good), the saleswoman let me adjust the pickup heights, because the bridge pickup was so imbalanced (weak) that it was unusable without its own amp settings.

    The P90s are the icing on the cake, as is the white binding (not cream) and the jet black fretboard (Richlite). It's a very hard to find set of features for a Lester, and each of these specs is my preference. It ticked every box of mine except little stuff like ABR-1, Klusons, pickguard, and thumb cutters – all of which I can add.

    These are not Swiss cheezed or chambered. It's hefty, but not insane like my '83 Custom, which I think is 11 or 12 lb. I like it. I am thinking it is about 9–9.5 lb. But I could be wrong; it might be a 10 pounder. But whatever it is, it doesn't feel excessive. It's very comfortable to play sitting (unlike my '83, which actually puts my thigh to sleep after a while).

    Quality is typical standard production line Henry J. era Gibson: Decent bones, but badly made nut, sharp and sloppily cut binding nibs, sharp fretboard edges, not enough crown or polish on the frets, topped off with a fair setup with rubber band strings. No major finish flaws, though. This is a 2018, from before the big changeup at Gibson (from what I've seen and played myself, 2019 quality is better).

    $1,200 brand new with warranty is the right price for a Gibson at this trim level with these issues – not the $2K they originally sold for. I will have the frets and nibs dressed, crowned, and polished, the binding "rolled," and a new bone nut put in by my guitar guy. The cosmetic things I'll do myself (adding a guard, keystones, etc.).
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    I didn't read anything pain-in-the-arse-ish in what Esquire wrote. Even if it were, it was unkind and unprofessional to call Esquire condescending or refuse to sell him anything else another time. It's pure sour grapes.

    Plus, never trust anyone who says "Trust me, I'm a Christian." It's not just illogical. It's a clumsy, transparent con line.

    The seller is a sleaze. Esquire was smart to pass on this one.
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    Then I guess those GC ones werent nearly as bad as the seller said!

    Also, he was lying about GC getting "seconds" or crap guitars or whatever it was he

    My friend was a GC exec for years, he once told me that GC would not put up with
    that, and they have a lot of clout due to their purchasing power.

    He said the ones they get are at least as good as those anywhere else, and any
    improvements are done by the staff at the individual stores, not from the factory.
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