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Oct 23, 2022
about an hour ago

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An open mic buddy, posted on face book this morning about can or can't... said can't is not in his vocabulary and he's just always figured he could, no matter what the task...

I don't recall ever asking or even talking to myself about either, or... I've always used it as the cliche' it is when the opportunity presents itself, when engaged with someone who is a bit on the negative side, because I am, naturally, a nurturer... an optimistic pessimist 😁 sometimes cynical...

However... at this late stage in my life, I confess, I will or won't.... the line/chorus from Willie's It Gets Easier, comes to mind... I don't have to do, one damn thing I don't want to do.... when I play that song at open mic, I insert, and I don't....

I liked working on cars when I was younger. I was basically a mechanic most of my life, though I did wear different hats from time to time... being a mechanic, I loved fixing/modifying/making better, whatever it was I was playing, or working on/with. Now days, I could, but won't, because I can't even get close to a door jam w/o bruising my self, never mind actually working on mechanical stuff... I bleed easily. My skin has gotten like crepe paper and tears really easily... it's not painful, but, it is aggravating as all get out... so, it comes down to, will or won't... and typically, I won't.

Of course there can be exceptions. A couple years ago my oldest son bought a couple small ATV's for his son and daughter. Neither ran very well so I helped him, by removing the carburetor (on both of them) and giving them a thorough cleaning... man! you should have seen my hands... looked like they had been beat with a baseball bat
... so, let me put it like this; can or can't isn't the question in a situation like that... it is will or won't...


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Jan 14, 2015
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I at the age where there are certainly some things that fall into the can or can't category, but far more that fall into the will or won't group.

Happy Enchilada

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Mar 25, 2021
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We all can.
Until we can't.
Then we hire younger folks who still can.
Getting old is not for sissies.
You gotta take the bad with the good and chew it up and spit out the bad.

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