Cable not snapping into switchcraft output jack


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Jul 18, 2022
kentucky usa
I thought I was nearly done with my build but I just went to plug the cable in to test the pickups and the cable did not snap in. Its a switchcraft jack with electrosocket cup.So I opened it up and tightened the nut. I plugged in the cable to test it before putting it back in and it snapped in just fine. I screw everything back and same issue. Tried multiple normal straight cables and the cable slides in and out easily but no tight snap. All the parts are brand new never used.Seems odd that it snaps in fine until you put it back in the guitar. I am sure there is something simple I am missing.This tele body had never been used. It was custom made. I actually had to enlarge the output jack hole to fit the switchcraft jack because the hole was too small. The last tele I did I used a gibson style plate on the outside. So I have never installed a cup style. Cup fits in fine and its screwed down tight. The nut is also tight. It never had a jack in the body before now, so it does not have the traditional retainer clip. The jack was preinstalled on a prewired harness from kelling sound on ebay.He seems to make good quality stuff. And it is a switchcraft with the threads. cup threads on perfectly. Apparently there is something about installing these that I don't know. But I can't seem to figure it out. Seems like maybe the jack is too far back in there to make contact or not enough resistance or something. If anyone has any tips fire away. I don't mind looking stupid again lol

Ted Keane

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Sep 10, 2015
Yup,the inside is hitting the guitar body.Loosen the nut,turn the jack until you can plug it in,and tighten nut.Or,take output off,plug in jack and reinstall it.