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    Last week my buddy who had been helping me with the building of several guitars said that he was going to open his workshop once more and invited me over to resume work on our collaborative instruments.

    So I took the neck blanks we had been working on and took those with me and we set on carving them out, the upper neck is made from a mahogany core with Walnut wings and the middle one is made from two mismatched pieces of birds eye maple. In both cases, the wood wasn't wide enough to rout out the headstock in the shape of a strat, So tele headstocks it is. The lowest neck was made from pieces of leftover woods, I call it the "candy cane" neck.

    So what are my plans for these?
    The maple neck with the reversed headstock will find its way on my "Reverso" strat

    And the mahogany and walnut neck will be on my Paduak and mahogany strat which will ape the style of those eighties Schecter Dream Machine guitars.

    I will keep you guys informed on how this will develop.
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