Britney Spears covering "I Love Rock n Roll"...(you know, that Pat Benatar song...)

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Nov 22, 2013
I think I know what's missing from Brittney's version.

Since she spends most of her time these days posting Instagram photos of herself in various stages of nakedness, maybe she should have done the video in a stripper outfit of a G-string and pasties, twirling around a pole.

I believe most of the shallow males among us might have forgiven her tragic attempt at the song if that were the case.


Warlock should have done a music video cover of "I Love Rock n Roll" back in the day--I would have watched.

John Backlund

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Nov 2, 2003
South Dakota
Let me just ask this in all seriousness. Should you be wearing a helmet when listening to Good Night Irene? ;)

No, it's usually safe to listen to Good Night Irene bare-headed, but when playing it, it's perhaps wise to take some reasonable precautions.

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Mar 25, 2021
God's Country
Those old psycho killer ballads always make your neck hair stands up

Can Mary fry some fish, Mama
I'm as hungry as can be
Oh lordy, how I wish, Mama
You could keep the baby quiet 'cause my head is killing
I've seen my ex last night, Mama
At a dance at Miller's store
She was with that Jackie White, Mama
I killed them both, and they're buried
Under Jenkins sycamore.
Don't you think I'm psycho, Mama
You can pour me a cup
If you think I'm psycho, Mama
You better let 'em lock me up
Don't hand the george to me, Mama
I might squeeze him too tight
And I'm as nervous as can be, Mama
So let me tell you 'bout last night
I woke up in Johnny's room, Mama
Standing right by the bed
With my hands near his throat, Mama
Wishing both of us were dead
You think I'm psycho don't you, Mama
I just killed Johnny's pup
You think I'm psycho don't you, Mama
You'd better let 'em lock me up
You know the little girl next door, Mama
I think her name is Betty Clark
Oh, don't tell me that she's dead, Mama
Why I just seen It in the park
She was sitting on a bench, Mama
Thinking of a game to play
Seems I was holding a wrench, Mama
Then my mind walked away
You think I'm psycho don't you, Mama
I didn't mean to break your cup
You think I'm psycho don't you, Mama
Mama, Mama why don't you get up?
Say something Mama

Byt the way, it would be interesting to see how this is played since it is not 4/4 i think ?

So ... after 10 long years when they let him out of the home, did he dig up her grave and build a cage with her bones?

Bastion Highwalk

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Apr 15, 2021
When talking to other songwriters I like to tell them one of the greatest quotes on songwriting I’ve ever heard:
‘It’s easy to write a song, it’s hard to write an awesome song’. So profound, simple and true.

And then I ask if they can guess who said it. That’s right, it was (no doubt completely cluelessly) Britney Spears.
I guess she does ‘like songs’ 😆


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Jun 2, 2009
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I played that song the old way while the singers mucked it up with Britney's version. After that and playing in a girl band I will NEVER play in a chic band again ( after I'd had several years as a go-to guitarist by a relatively successful Aussie singer who was always great to play for).