Breedlove AD25/SR Plus ... WOW!


May 11, 2020
North Carolina
So I am helping out my brother-in-law who has expressed interest in learning guitar and has tasked me with finding a local beater $100 guitar.

My wife did all the research on FB Marketplace, told me the address, it was 6 miles away, headed out there earlier this afternoon, super nice guy.

I picked up the guitar and it was back down on the stand within a couple of seconds. The action must have been an inch high. I silently sighed and said thanks but no thanks. I'm not picky but I'm not going to give my BIL a guitar that's impossible to play.

We started shooting the breeze about the dozen or so other guitars he had laying around. He kept gushing about a Breedlove he purchased for a song not too long ago and was telling me it was the best sounding guitar he'd ever heard. By now, I trust his opinions, and was impressed with the model numbers and makes and histories of all the guitars he currently owns and in the past. Takamines, Taylors, Martins, etc.

He asked if I wanted to try it and of course I agreed. I have seen many posts about Breedlove in the past.

Anyway I couldn't put this dang guitar down. Smooth low action, and projection of lovely sounds, and just the feel and weight and everything about it. I wasn't even in the market for a guitar, remember, I was out there scoping for my BIL. When I tried to offer he laughed and said no way. I jotted down the model and serial number.

I came home, immediately found a used on on the internet (the ONLY one I could find that was still for sale) ... and made an offer. HAHAHA!

I'll be honest and state I've come across posts like this on this forum, and I always had in my head that I don't believe I would ever succumb to anything like this. Well was I ever wrong. I'm still thinking about that guitar. I'm lucky, I found the exact year that this gentleman's guitar is as well (2007).

He also had a WOLF Les Paul style that I only picked up, didn't strum, that really floored me as well. I had never heard of WOLF but apparently a budget-friendly guitar that gets alot of love.

It was an absolute blast to kill an hour or so with a total stranger and just talk guitars.


Doctor of Teleocity
Jul 25, 2011
Frontrangia CO

Uh, ya know some photographic evidence is usually appreciated…even your BIL might want to know the rest of the story.