Brass saddle bridge for CV50 Tele?

Discussion in 'Squier Tele Forum' started by RoCkstAr256, Jan 16, 2020.

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    maybe the original saddles are not up to usual standards.
    recently i have bought 2017 CVC as my #2 guitar. apart from usual intonation quirks there was serious tuning stability issue that made me think i should better return it instead of retuning every twenty minutes or so. as a last try before refund procedure i swapped bridge assembly to original Fender pat. pending one with plain steel saddles from my MIM Classic 50. guess what. everything is fine, even intonation is better. Hard to say if noticed increase of overall resonance is due to the bridge (thinner material) or the saddles with more mass. anyway. threaded saddles are not going back. the instrument is really fine.
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    After dozens of guitars over the years I'm not sure just what to believe - what is fact and what "legend" supported by the media. Brass may be traditional but the steel saddle son my CV 50's pinecaster and my Roadworns, sound real twangy.
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    Contact @Kmaxbrady on here. He makes compensated brass "fat" saddles that sound nice, look cool, and are easy on your right hand if you palm mute a lot. I am in the market for CV 50's and I will be ordering a set of his saddles as soon as I place the order for the guitar.
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    No, I think we need a purveyor that is already in the EU. That eliminates a lot of sources I like, for sure.

    What the O.P. could do is get some brass rod stock locally, and some basic machine tools and make some for himself. Poland's machinists and fabricators made some of the best MiGs ever to fly. Some brass saddles would be a walk in the park, next to building those.


    I agree with The Angle. I make these changes because I have a lot of guitars to mess with and I'm trying to delve into just exactly what differences there may be. For me, the stuff is right at hand and so easy to get at low cost. I don't expect monster changes. I'm just kind of looking for a little advantage; a tiny nudge in the direction I am hoping to go. There is no TRANSFORMATION that's gonna happen here.
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