Brad Paisley's Cluster Pluck

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    I'm trying to tackle Cluster Pluck (trying to by ear) but I still have a hard time figuring out some parts. I was wondering if anyone had any links/materials to instructional stuff? I know Jim Lill use to have a series on it but it's been removed.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Good luck !!! Great song, wild guitar thats for sure.

    The thing about many of Brads solos is that he uses many unorthodox hammer- ons and pull offs which may be outside of any "theoretical equation" . We are trying to make musical sense of it all and they are not formed with formal musical sense. They sound great, thats his formula . Its like starting in the root key and ending in the root key is the trick, in between is insanity !

    There are plenty of U Tubes which show many of the different things ( tricks ) he does. He mixes his bag of tricks with fretboard knowledge and phrasing. Brad is a wizard. He is truly not to be copied . Good luck trying !

    WATER is another perfect example -Solo one is approachable, Solo 2 is from a different place , undefined ! :)

    We play a several of Brads tunes where I solo, Mud , Little Moments, Waitin' on a Woman , Wrap Around etc... I have to find a path to these solos which fits ME . Make no mistake, solos such as MUD took a very long time to work thru in "cadence" , its all timing of phrases, small pieces strung together, Is it exact ?, certainly not . I've been told I play it perfect. I'll tell you straight up..NO ITS NOT ! IF we try to play exactly like Brad , note for note, we are going down a rabbit hole. :eek:
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