Boss Katana Air, as computer speakers, constantly goes into sleep mode


TDPRI Member
Jan 2, 2012
I connected my Boss Katana Air to my laptop, via USB, to use as my computer speakers, and it works fine except after maybe a minute of not playing any sound it goes into "sleep" mode, and the next time I play sound on my laptop, the sound comes out of my laptop speakers. I have to turn the Katana Air back on every time, and it takes maybe five seconds for the sound to come through the Katana Air, during which time I have to put up with my crappy, tinny laptop sound, and it is very annoying.
The Katana Air is plugged into the wall, so it is not a battery-related thing.
Does anyone know how I can change a setting or something so that the amp stays on permanently? I was previously using my Yamaha THR10 as my computer speakers, and it was fine in this regard.