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Jun 28, 2019
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Digging around in the chaos of my as if back storage room/studio apartment clutter, I Found my Boss DD-20 Delay pedal plugged it in an found that the pedal sitting on a shelf gathering dust didn't affect how the pedal functions (good as new, Boss certainly knows how to build some robust pedals). I found a Demo by one of my favorite internet presenters,shnobel

@shnobeltone. I allowed his demo to refresh my memory rather than trying to tax my fractured short term memory, and listened to his refresher, and realized there was a lot that I had forgotten about this pedal, continuing to surf I found a bunch of DD-20 Giga Delay pedals for around $150.00, a deal , a steal, if you like the warmth of the pedals tone, I know others prefer the Cripy snap-crackle and pop sound of modern delays, yawn (pause, inhale) and yet the 1983 DM-2 are considered by some to be the
Bees-Knees in the world of cool collectable pedals.
Oh how I do digress pardon me, ahhh, So, yeah I plugged it in and played about a bit and was dooly impressed . I find the operating system to be fairly transparent for a pedal with so many functions , short term memory being what it is, I keep the pdf manual open when using it, but that"s not the pedal that's me Mr Chemobrain, unless you've had your nervous
s system french fried with
cisplatin and radiation you'll probably do just fine without the pdf manual. If your looking for a delay pedal , you could do worse for much more at this time.
Now That I finally got around to the topic and delays, I use Reason 12 as my DAW of choice. and have the luxury of cordless plugin pedals
I like WAVES plugins a lot. For $49.00 you can get the H-Delay Hybrid Delay the does all that cool midi stuff right there in cyberspace , everything sync to the beat , if you want or not can be programed to speed up/slow down every thing on the panel can be automated and save so that when you go back to work on the track you won't have to dig through the exhaustive note book of setting that you did or didn't remember to log.
Jiggery Pockery (yeah I know, I didn't name the brand I just shop there) make two really nice delays with all mod cons that you'd expect from a plugin one is a sophisticated yet simple delay and the other can do loop the loops backwards and fold the laundry at no extra cost ,
I use or abuse this stuff , it works well and is a nice alternative to have, to be able to record a dry track and then season the track to taste.
It's great for DUB tracks!
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