Blumlein technique on the cheap

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    I want to try blumlein technique in my home studio because i like to play guitar and sing at the same time in order to capture a more organic feeling in my songs. I am considering purchase of a pair of AT2050 microphones. they can be had used in the ~$150~ or new ones are $229 virtually everywhere. anyone ever work with these microphones before? Any other recommendations in this same price range?

    thank you
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    I’ve used the AT2020 condensers and they’re okay entry mics. If the AT2050 is anything similar you should be okay.
    It’s pretty hard getting the stereo Blumlein working with separate mics as you have to get the capsules close together - best is one above the other, one upside up and other upside down.

    I’ve used this method for grand piano and orchestral main stereo but not for the application you have in mind.

    You’ll have to manage your voice/ guitar balance yourself and it might work okay. Otherwise one mic pointed at the guitar and the other your face will give you the best control.
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