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    The other day I fell into the double drop D rhythm guitar for the Buffalo Springfield tune, "Bluebird"....the verse is three chords...G (roll in from 4th to 5th fret on the low D string), a passing chord, and then D....for the life of me I cant get the voicing on the passing chord...there are a lot of "close but no cigar" options....and there is really only one video breaking down the tune on the old fallback, youtube….and that guy never shows his left hand, alternatively calls it G, Em and Bm, and gives a strange description of finger placement....

    Anybody have that second chord?
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    When I first learned "Bluebird" way back when it first came out, I didn't know anything about Drop-D, Double Drop-D or any other alternate tuning. I used to play a Bm for that passing chord. It still works, but I just picked up my guitar and tuned it to DDD. The voicing that sounds really good there is still a Bm but in DDD it would be x24400. See if that gets it.
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