Blown Speaker?

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by Milspec, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. nojazzhere

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    My radar malfunctioned after this post......I would have SWORN he was gonna ask for some kind of discount or partial refund, and still keep the I'll give him credit for that.
    Man!...I want to buy stuff from you. You put up with all kinds of C**P and keep on giving concessions! (not that I would ever give anyone unwarranted "C**P)
    Please relay any more chapters to this saga.....hearing about other folks having this nonsense in their lives makes me appreciate the (relative) lack of drama in my own. ;)
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  2. vanr

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    Oct 20, 2003
    He could either return the amp and get a refund or get lost.
  3. Silverface

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    Mar 2, 2003
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    Here's a possible scenario - we have no info regarding the original power handling of the Altecs, but a 417 would have handled 70 watts of *clean* signal - new. One made in the 70's or earlier would handle about 40-50 watts - again, of clean signal - due to simple aging.

    And if it has been run with distortion/overdrive over the years that can drop the number a bit more.

    But regardless, if it is going to be run with distortion it may need 3 times the power handling of what the amp puts out. Possibly a bit more with really nasty distortion.

    To visualize it (and I got this from the late Ted Weber - other speaker makers and re-coners have said it's a fair, easy way to "see" power handling):

    Imagine a clean RMS signal - a sine wave. Take that, stretch it out flat - the flattened length is the power handling in watts.

    But distortion creates a jagged, rough line with closely-spaced peaks and valleys. Stretch THAT out and it may be 3-4 times as long as the clean sine wave's flattened line - and that is the amount of power handling you need for a distorted signal.

    That's how much distortion can affect some speakers. Actually ALL speakers, but older ones far more than new ones

    So that old Altec is already compromised to a degree - but almost assuredly not capable of handling a distorted signal from a cranked Tremolux (especially with a pedal adding *more* "length" to that line).

    This may not be the case at all - but I just thought it might be worth thinking about.
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    @Silverface, that's an interesting visualization. I like that. It's a good thing to keep in mind when looking at speakers down the road.
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    Two words: as is.

    I understand nice, try to be nice myself, but used stuff sells as is. That guy took advantage of your good heart.

    Like others here, I prefer to just not sell stuff like that; if I don't want it any more I give it to someone who will appreciate it.
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    Great description there and is likely the case. When you consider the hot Duncan pickups (Invaders), OD and Boost pedals wide open, and the amp settings almost dimed it certainly created a harsh environment for both amp and speaker. It is asking a lot from an amp in that wattage range and probably for most amps 3x that rating. Players like that might have to stay with SS amps or else be ready to shell out the money for a Twin, Marshall lead, or something more capable of such thrashing.

    All that I know is that I sold that amp into slavery and it will not live long. At least I got the Altec speaker back...even though it is damaged. Still seems to play really well clean up to medium volumes so maybe I will just keep using it in the home instead of rebuilding.
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