Blend who was first fender or gretsch


Apr 13, 2008
birmingham, al
Had broadcaster and capacitor had to be changed since the way I understand it was used for must have been Fender.

That being said bought 1999 Tennessee Rose and was hooked. Bought Broadcaster with smaller body right after first Gretsch purchase, but small body guitar with bigsby was crowed for me and got old quick.

Received Duo Jet yesterday. Unreal. Cannot see this one going or Rose But who knows...judging my past with buying and selling, I can't say anything with certainty.

Gretsch pro series controls are very user friendly and intuitive. I am hooked on these guitars. Funny if seems both Fender and Gretsch are 50's guitars.

Of course being a blues and some classic rock player, I have no knowledge of the guitars designed for new music style guitars.

Fender seemed to lead the was. Gretsch has been here but everyone thinks Chet. They do it all. My Rose is pre-fender, the new one is fender. Cannot say one is best. Love them both. But Telecaster and Stratocaster are here to stay.