Black Pearl or Gibson ga-40 rvt

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  1. Bad-Cat Pico

    Bad-Cat Pico NEW MEMBER!

    Oct 4, 2019
    houston, tx

    Firstly, the collected wisdom from the forum users on here have all acted as my gear Obi Wan through the years. I never purchase a new piece without first consulting the oracles at TDPRI.

    By doing so I have saved myself a ton of loot and avoided bad buys (Black Cat 5 watter that cme out and wasnt really a black cat, is one that comes to mind).

    So like the post title says, A genz Benz black pearl 1X12 or a Reissue Gibson GA-40 (or 20) rvt is the current gear buy thats keeping me up at nights. I have played both and they are vastly different animals.

    Ive heard alot of talk about the fang speaker in the black pearl and the reason for the amp sounding so good is that it emulates the celestion blue. Would it improve it that much more if I were to purchase a celestion blue for the amp? What about speakers for the reissue ga-20 rvt? I never hear a peep about these amps but they look SO DAMN BOSS. I wanna have their little amp babies....

    I need an amp thats solid and wont break up with light gigging, has tons of headroom (takes pedals, can get loud and versatile to P90s, humbuckers and single coils. I play bluesy rock and funk, brit pop, etc.

    electricuitars are: Telecaster reissue 70s MIM, single coil and humbucker, gibson es137 classic 57/57+, epiphone wildkat totally gutted to my own creation with ll new hardware and lindy fralin p90 dogear pups.

    it needs to be a combo 1X12 because my rolling flight case fits a 1X12 combo or head 1X12 FYI. And I love my flight case so theres that.

    Budget is up to 600. I have a mesa boogie cab clone as n attenuator/heaphone power soak thingy so volume isnt an issue. They will be used recording into a daw eventually.

    If pressed I would say I want a more fender/vox tone than marshall, if that make sense.

    Whats your opinions? Which would you buy in my position?

    Also, my avatar is my new 70s reissue telecaster from fender. Its MIM but GOD DAMN does it sound and play like a super fly pimp from times square in the 70s. I bought a wah pedal because the guitar told me if I didnt, "he would cut me up real bad one night, dig."
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  2. Les Paul lover

    Les Paul lover Tele-Holic

    Aug 20, 2017
    Well, it really depends on How you want to use your next amp.

    I own the black pearl 112 combo, it really is an amazing amp. Huge headroom for a 30w, and it's a brutally loud amp of needed.

    It takes pedals brilliantly up front. The fx loop is line level though, and you'll be fine with rack type fx there, or you'll need a gizmo like the EBTech line level shifter to adapt it for stomp boxes. The EBTech is completely passive and drops quite a lot of volume - very helpful for me.

    I really love that amp.
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  3. Mudman32

    Mudman32 Tele-Meister

    Dec 23, 2017
    Upstate NY
    I’ve played the GA-40 rvt. Tremendous amp. Weighs a metric ton but well built. Haven’t tried the black pearl unfortunately.
  4. elmicko

    elmicko Tele-Afflicted

    Dec 27, 2011
    Blount-Vegas, TN
    I just stumbled across a great deal on a GA-20RVT and snatched it up. I don't have a ton of playing time on it yet, but so far I'm really impressed. It's a ballsy clean amp that seems like it would take pedals really well. I like the input that is both channel 1 and channel 2. And they are a heck of a bargain for a hand built, point to point wired tube amp.
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  5. Chris Lester

    Chris Lester TDPRI Member

    Oct 8, 2012
    New Hampshire
    I’m late to this so I may not be any help but...I have a Gens BP 30 and a vintage 1956 Gibson GA40. They are very different beasts and I would hands down take the BP over the Gibson.
    For what I do the Pearl beats it in every catagory. I have clips on my Youtube channel of the Gibson GA40 and a bunch of videos of the Black Pearl.
  6. The-Kid

    The-Kid Tele-Meister

    Mar 12, 2018
    So-Cal Anaheim
    Dude came in for thread but.....

    Damn that Tele is amazing!!!
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