Birth announcement: It's a Bassman Micro


TDPRI Member
Jul 19, 2022
Washington, DC
Hi. At the risk of giving you TMI about a small topic, I ended up isolating the input and speaker jacks; FX loop no. TBH, I did this mostly as an exercise. I've isolated input jacks since my first build, having read it was best practice. But on my 4-input Fenders, it's just too much work -- and this gave me the insight that it doesn't make much audible difference.

OTOH I've only isolated speaker jacks once before -- again, didn't hear much difference. But I did all this here mostly as an exercise. So if it's fun for you, and you can easily drill out the jack holes and source the long-bushing jacks and fit the shoulder and isolation washers, go for it. But it's a really small (possibly inaudible) tweak to the build, so if you're going for simple, it'd be one of the first things I'd skip.
Thanks. That's very helpful.