BillieTele: Nashville Telecaster-like Wiring Mod Suggestions

Discussion in 'Tele-Technical' started by GrievousA, Oct 14, 2021.

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    I built my BillieTele years back and now I am planning to redo the wiring. It's a like a Nashville Tele with F-hole, Bigsby B5 and (3) S-D 4-Wire PU. Neck: S-D Stacked Tele Neck w/ chrome cover or S-D Hot Rail Tele Neck; Middle: S-D 'Cool' Rail Strat; Bridge: S-D Hot Rail Tele Bridge.

    New electrics: Fender 5-P Super Switch (4P5T); Volume - Fender S-1 250K w/ 2P2T; Tone - Fender 250K No-Load Pot: .047uF Orange cap.

    My dilemma is what tone options to include? Current plan. S-1: Up = MPU & BPU in Parallel; Down = MPU & BPU Out of Phase. 4P5T Super Switch: Standard Strat PU selection.

    I quickly realized - many choices tends to complicate things . . . so I am searching for suggestions and proper wiring diagrams to impediment.

    Suggestions please.

    Later, GrievousAngel
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    I'm going to get kicked off the board because I always show the same guitar.

    I did three separate mini toggles.

    This is based on the Squier SSH, which has a neck mini hum and stacked middle and bridge, so it's very quiet.

    Out of phase with the stacked pickups seemed too complicated to deal with. I did think about splitting the neck with an on-on-on mini toggle. The hum is a little too much when paired with the middle or bridge. The guitar is so good, that I'm in no rush to mess with it.

    The wiring is based on available three toggle Strat schemes.

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