Been gone awhile but...


Nov 15, 2018
out there somewhere
Have rolled over some gear to pay for new kitchen counters and what have you all related to the project but have ended up with some different stuff as far as the trades/and sales went

First one is a CNZ Audio jazzmaster style great guitar in midnight blue I was surprised how good it was I played it for 10 min and bought it that was on a little getaway to Plymouth Ma that came from a shop on main st.called "The music Box" great little store they carry the CNZ Audio brand alot of pedals ( could have spent the whole day trying out pedals) and are also a licensed Gibson Dealer. They are owned by music unlimited which I have spent some money on stuff Through the yrs and they are a great store as well they carry Ibanez, Fender and Vintage brand-to which I found to be awesome instruments

Got a strat copy off Ebay new for $60

And this morning a Fender champion 30 off of craigslist for $45

Been fun trying out other brands ended up with the CNZ instead of the H.B. Jazzmaster style