Battery help for/from the hearing impaired

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Oct 21, 2014
TLDR below

The title is pretty self-explanatory. I have been wearing hearing aids for about a year. I pretty much exclusively wear them at work (I am an x-ray technician). I seem to hear well enough outside of work to not need them. Plus, they aggravate my tinnitus…on busy work days or days when I’ve been in the ER with a noisy crew, I take them out at the end of the day to find my ears ringing far more loudly than usual. It can take up to a day for the ringing to decrease to normal levels.

Also, I hate the way they make my guitars sound…mainly because of being overly hi-fi and accentuating some unpleasant overtones…so I never wear them when playing music.

The jury is still out on how well they work conversationally: they basically just amplify everything, so in situations where there is a lot of ambient noise…either background noise or a lot of background conversation…they just turn everything up and make a muddy mess into a louder and muddier mess. One on one, though, and in quieter situations (like surgical cases), they can be very helpful.

I bought my first year’s supply of batteries from my audiologist. I did a quick Amazon search and found there were cheaper options available on there than buying from the audiologist, so I planned to do that for future battery purchases. I’m getting ready to stock up again and face two problems. First, the brand that I’ve been using does not seem to be available. Second, it’s hard to know which brand to buy for reliability. Even the ones I’ve been using are very inconsistent. They almost never wear out at the same time, which is not a big deal, but some last much longer than others. I have tried reading reviews, but even the most highly rated ones often have a significant percentage of reviews saying that they failed frequently or had overly abbreviated lifespans. So I’m a little flummoxed about which to choose.

TLDR: So here is my question for my sonically challenged brothers: Can you recommend a reliable (and hopefully affordable) brand of hearing aid batteries that I can buy in bulk? I’m pretty sure there will always be duds and short-life batteries in any batch, but I’m looking for something where I can get the best bang for my buck. Thanks for your help guys.


Dec 6, 2009
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My father described similar experience with batteries. Some lasted longer than others and often failed soon. I would pick up say, a couple of dozen at the hearing aid store locally. He seemed to prefer those. It might have been his insurance or VA that subsidized them a little.

I can only suggest try not to touch the batteries any more than necessary as not to discharge them while installing and keep them aids cleaned properly.


Sep 23, 2007
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I cannot speak to hearing aid batteries specifically; however, I would avoid buying batteries on Amazon. IMO, your chances of receiving either counterfeit or out-of-date batteries is much higher on that platform (which sucks because they're generally more affordable there).