Bassman tone and vol controls, need some help here

Discussion in 'Shock Brother's DIY Amps' started by Dennis Perusse, Dec 26, 2014.

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    Hello all,

    I'm kinda at the tail end of my build but I am stuck in a weird way and it is with the final testing/debugging phase of it which to me makes no sense, but let me begin at the beginning.

    I built a 5b6 Octal Bassman for a friend of mine and at the last end of things I was trying to get the motor boating out of the amp. So on Dec 7th I did a four hour marathon rewire of it and had gotten it done. I rearranged the wires, shortened some stuff, re-flowed solder joints, basically the whole nine yards of stuff that I reasoned to be just bad lead dress. That taught me a lot for when I was done their was very little hum and no motor boating issues either. Woohoo, go me! :)

    Having said that though my volume controls and my tone controls seem to be quite interactive as of late and my vol control on both my guitar and my brother's bass guitar make the amp louder yet when I use the amp's vol control it doesn't do very much. Heck the tone control does more in that sense. My brother whilst trying the amp out for me noticed this and told me what he thought about it. Now I know that the 5e3 deluxe amp has that issue with control interactivity but does the 5b6 circuit in that sense? Where I have never built this amp before I have no clue how it is supposed to handle and where I had just gotten around to getting the motor boating out of the amp I am at a loss as to what to look for next. I'll include in this post my layout plus my schematic as well as a gut shot for a quick view of this. Now I have also put on screen and grid resistors plus 68k resistors even on the preamp screens as well as the original design didn't call for them but I was taking no chances with oscillation with this build. Any help here in this final leg of this journey is greatly appreciated. I'm halfway tempted to check the vol control just to make sure that it is working properly but other than that I seriously need help here as it seems like a circuit issue unless this is how it is supposed to work which I find highly unlikely.


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