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    Please forgive me for posting this in the general off-topic forum, but I wasn't sure where this really belonged. My wife and I have been watching the TV series Better Call Saul for a few years, and I took it upon myself to learn the fabulous little intro ditto/theme song. In doing so, I discovered the writer and performer of that tune, Barrie Cadogan, a talent I'd never heard of before who I though you all might appreciate hearing about if you're not aware of him. Super tasteful and expressive playing. Apparently he's played with Morrisey, Paul Weller, Johnny Marr, Hubert Sumlin and Primal Scream and The The.

    He' seems to be fairly well known among at least the guitar playing community in the UK, so there are a number of videos from Guitarist magazine featuring his playing and him talking about his nice guitars. Here's some of all of that. I hope I might be turning you on to someone you might really like if you don't happen to know him already...

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