Barb EQ alternatives? Experience with JHS Clover?

Ragged Tweed

TDPRI Member
Oct 11, 2015
New York
Hey all, I built a 5e3 and a 5f1 champ and was looking for a pedal to get closer to some cleaner blackface tones without having to build (or buy) another amp. My research brought me to the JOYO American sound, which I bought for $20 and it was satisfying, but I wondered if the Barber Barb EQ would be better? Unfortunately, the Barb EQ is more difficult to find. When I searched Google for “Barb EQ alternatives,” the JHS Clover popped up.

1. Would the JHS Clover help a 5e3 or 5f1 get a cleaner sound by functioning similarly to the Barb EQ? Or should I hold out and try to find a Barb EQ?

2. The JHS Clover has an XLR output. Could I also use this like a DI box to connect my pedalboard to a FRFR speaker like the Headrush 108? (Guitar>Pedalboard>JHS Clover>FRFR speaker?)

3. Any other recommendations for EQ type pedals that can approximate a Blackface tone out of a tweed amp? If so, where do you put it in the signal chain? Just before the amp or earlier in the chain?