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    My 60’s Baja has been reinvented a few times. It’s been stock, outfitted with Cavalier pickups, and turned into an EMG 3-knob rock machine. After assembling my 2HB MJT Telemaster I didn’t really need another beefy guitar, so I started looking at ways to mod the Baja.

    Reality is I rarely play on the neck pickup, especially live, so I decided on a modded Esquire. Started sourcing parts last week and put it together this weekend.

    Started with a full level and crown, as there were a few high spots from the factory.

    Kept the bridge, but swapped the saddles to Gotoh In-tunes. Wanted something compensated and something that keeps the strings in place. Grabbed a fake tort guard. Had a Cavalier Nashville Lion that I thought would be a nice pickup, as it’s a little more mid-focused while keep a sweet top end.

    Decided on a four-way wiring scheme.

    1) Straight to jack
    2) Through volume only
    3) Through volume/tone
    4) Eldred (cocked wah) mod

    Had a few spare parts around (knobs, control plate), but not what I needed to do the wiring. Usually do my own wiring, but after pricing it all out, figured I’d save $15 assembling it on my own. Decided to treat myself to a pre-wired harness.

    Turned out really nice! Really lively sound that is 100% Tele. The “straight to jack” setting hasn’t impressed me as much as I’d hoped so far, but that was just preconceived bias I think. Position 2 is fantastic and the cocked wah is a great lead sound. Anyway, a few pics.






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