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Discussion in 'Guitar Owners Clubs' started by degsycaster, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Stylemaster

    Stylemaster Tele-Afflicted

    Jan 9, 2009
    West Orange, NJ
    If it is at all possible, can you find out exactly how he dressed down the fret edges without filing through the poly finish (if that's what he did)? I asked a well know guitar tech in this area about fixing fret sprout and he said he'd use a file but he'd have to touch up the poly finish at the edge of the fretboard with more poly because the filing would go through it. I didn't want him to do that and consequentially still have the fret sprout. I want o find a solution that leaves the finish intact. BTW, I'm in the North East.

  2. Davo17

    Davo17 Friend of Leo's

    Apr 5, 2011
    Southern California
    Can do, I want him to put a push-pull pot into my strat and will ask when I see him next. But Im pretty sure as long as the sides of the neck are protected-the filing should only be on the frets. I know the NE is quite dry in the winter-so maybe its a good time to get the neck cleaned up-it will only play better the rest of the year.
  3. Davo17

    Davo17 Friend of Leo's

    Apr 5, 2011
    Southern California
    Frogeybeag whats up man! Thats a fine looking tele, what kind of amp are you running?
  4. Frogeybeag

    Frogeybeag TDPRI Member

    Apr 6, 2011
    Isle of Lewis, Scotland
    Hey Davo!

    Thanks for that! Unfortunately, due to lack of cash, I don't have an amp that does her justice at the moment (it's just a Kustom 30W combo), but as soon as my Les Paul sells, I'm thinking of investing in a Vox AC4TV. I reckon that should be a good marriage!
  5. Imdok

    Imdok TDPRI Member

    Dec 14, 2010
    Shopping for a Baja

    I'm going on a road trip and plan to be in San Francisco (and can also go anywhere in the general area), then flying on to Las Vegas and then driving to Tahoe and back up I-5 through Portland and Seattle.

    Can anyone tell me of any good shops in those cities which might carry more than one or two Bajas so I have a choice to check them out and hopefully find a great one?

    I live in Alaska, and up here you have to order one if you want it. I might as well do the internet order thing if that's the case. It sure would be nice though If I could pick one up on this trip after trying a few of them out.

    Thanks for any info.
  6. Omiewise65

    Omiewise65 Tele-Afflicted Silver Supporter

    Aug 15, 2009
    Bavarian Iller Delta
    That sounds great to me . Hope you'll have a nice piece of hand luggage with you on your way back home . By any chance it might be the one in sunburst or a black baja ? Hope you'll have a great trip and real fun time . Please say "hello" to San Francisco from Michael .
  7. Davo17

    Davo17 Friend of Leo's

    Apr 5, 2011
    Southern California
    Imdok Ive never seen another Baja, excepting the internet. GC in San Francisco probably wont have one-they didnt even know what the Baja was down here in the LA area.

    Mail may be your best bet, though there also exists craigslist.
  8. Davo17

    Davo17 Friend of Leo's

    Apr 5, 2011
    Southern California
    Im sure that will be an awesome duo! The demos of the AC4 on youtube make it seem like its made for the tele.
  9. JayRobIBZ

    JayRobIBZ Tele-Meister

    Nov 19, 2009
    Palmer, AK

    Where in Alaska? Mammoth doesn't have any anymore? That is where I got mine but I think it was the only one in the store. It might have been the only one they had. I don't know if Mike at "Guitar Centre" (RIP) ever carried them but I was in there on Tuesday and they didn't have any.

    Have you ever played a Baja? If you are somewhat close to me I wouldn't mind letting you try mine out. It is a good example of a how great they can be. PM me if you are interested. I live in Palmer.
  10. benadrian

    benadrian Tele-Meister

    May 29, 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    Unfortunately, Guitar Centers are going to be your best bet for finding a baja. Haight Ashbury music might have one.

    However, you should definitely check out Real Guitars and Rocker Guitars in SF. Plus, check out Starving Musician in Berkeley.

    I have a Baja, You're welcome to come by my practice space in Oakland and crank it up for a bit.

  11. bigboyneverleft

    bigboyneverleft TDPRI Member

    Mar 7, 2011
    I had to change strings yesterday. D snapped on the saddle. I had a pair of slinkys waiting so I changed whole set. I am surprised how different sound i get from them ( previously stock ones). Maybe this Will sound weird but they gain later on my lil night train than stocks. I like them much more when playing cleans. Have to figure gain now.
  12. Imdok

    Imdok TDPRI Member

    Dec 14, 2010
    Thanks Ben and Jay for the offers.
    Being not totally familiar with the guitar, what should I look for on it that would make you take a pass on it if you were picking up another one?
    Are virtually all of them coming out of the Baja Shop in pretty great shape and tone...i.e. necks are great, ect?
    Thanks for any info.
  13. martwest

    martwest Tele-Meister

    Aug 16, 2010
    new (to me) baja 07



    2006 RULES!!!!
    MZ6006322 Porknblue DS 8.2 lbs w/button
    MZ6009225 Ted W. Desert Sand 9.6 lbs but sweet as a bell!
    MZ6008136 Alculader BL 8lbs.
    MZ6137368 Bubbanov DS
    MZ6142041 bhoage DS 7.x lbs w/button, Toronto
    MZ6142824 douellette, DS 7.0 lbs, Kalamazoo w/button
    MZ6142840 Artemio Cruz (button)
    MZ6142907 Tdot
    MZ6237334 gtrjoe (button)
    MZ6238000 Aaron G BL
    MZ6238502 Rob5755
    MZ6238522 tylerfulltilt
    MZ6238631 gyrk, Budapest, Hungary
    MZ623864? Fraxs
    MZ6238766 '55 HRDX (button)
    MZ6238789 Wilbur Bufferson (BL, button, 7.2 lbs)
    MZ6238957 Buckocaster51 (9 lb 9 oz w/Waylon inspired leather cover
    MZ6239111 TheWasp BL (button)
    MZ6239435 Riolux BL (almost Les Paul heavy) (yay button)
    MZ6239468 Crippe
    MZ6239491 Benbd
    MZ6240817 erplander (BL, 7 lb, w/button)
    MZ6242216 jefrs, Newbury UK (BL 8-lb w.Button)
    MZ6259382 J-man (BL, Button)
    MZ6259391 pawel (BL with Button)
    MZ6260693 scottlr
    MZ6275267 Macatt
    MZ6275913 Chefacaster DS (9 lbs!!)
    MZ6275933 Progbuster - DS - 9lb - button
    MZ6276143 LouieV
    MZ6277201 Macatt
    MZ6277584 xrolandtx (7.25lb!!)
    MZ6277294 ut4ever8
    MZ6277409 benadrian
    MZ6277468 strangbender
    MZ6278100 BajaDerek (8lbs) no button WA. State
    MZ6278236 Boubou (9lbs)
    MZ6278915 ol' man (Esquired)
    MZ6278949 broken light
    MZ6282781 hawkpicker
    MZ6283903 Bubbanov (no 60th button) DS
    MZ6283949 Cobra94 (no 60th button)
    MZ6283953 Capel (no 60th button either)
    MZ6283958 metropolis74 (no 60th button, 7.5lbs)

    MZ7007603 ozzeng DS
    MZ7007634 Bubbanov DS
    MZ7007644 Bubbanov DS
    MZ7008824 vonSchtupp DS (7.8lbs)
    MZ7008918 qblue (Blonde, 8.8 lb.)
    MZ7008919 Glenn D.
    MZ7008931 Bubbanov DS
    MZ7009766 VictorNoel (DS/7.5lbs)
    MZ7010201 emtjr928
    MZ7010917 Jumpmarine BL
    MZ7011196 Bubbanov DS
    MZ7011783 VWAmTele BL (7.5lbs)
    MZ7011816 Johan68 (BL/7.9lbs)
    MZ7127739 telbert twang VB (8,13 lbs)
    MZ7012355 caliban335 BL
    MZ7014297 jsntg
    MZ7014562 Bubbanov DS
    MZ7016673 Martwest (Blonde)
    MZ7018377 Negrita Norman (Blonde 7,7 lbs)
    MZ7082490 Ichron
    MZ7084262 Wikur
    MZ7085548 degsycaster BL (9.0lbs)
    MZ7086482 andrewr
    MZ7087002 AtomicLizard (Desert Sand, 8lbs 7oz)
    MZ7122600 Tiger 80
    MZ7122622 OSFlank (Desert Sand, 10lbs)
    MZ7123914 Hugo (Sarnia, Ontario Canada)
    MZ7124396 telechucker
    MZ7190486 BadMotherHugger
    MZ7190548 Intonator (Desert Sand Aprox 8 lbs)
    MZ7190651 nlopez DS 8.6 lbs
    MZ7190712 Elrojo
    MZ7193005 mattio
    MZ7195333 tonfarbe (Fiesta Red / under 7 lbs)
    MZ7195872 terminal3 - DS / 8.6 lbs)
    MZ7196037 A440 (Desert Sand, just under 7lbs)
    MZ7197917 muzaK57
    MZ7200440 revertig
    MZ7200445 gb60
    MZ7200681 leafandale 8.56 lbs purchased in Nashville
    MZ7203825 j_hunter_hkr
    MZ7205496 gatc
    MZ7208849 Ted W natural 7.2 lbs twangy
    MZ7210619 Eddie Knuckles 9 lb. hammer-warmoth anaconda faceplate

    MZ8032901 Stylemaster (Blonde, with upgrades, 8 lbs. and gorgeous!)
    MZ8032935 Sparkout (Butterscotch, 9.5 Lbs)
    MZ8034367 GeeJay
    MZ8035322 Big Blue (Butterscoth Purchased in Kansas City 7lbs 3oz)
    MZ8039581 twangquest
    MZ8039774 cimmy59 (Blonde; Milano Italy)
    MZ8043358 astro1176 BL (8lbs)
    MZ8043501 born2tele
    MZ8043755 chrism8922 BL (as heavy as my Les Paul)
    MZ8048397 diveblueflames DS (purchased in Toronto, Canada)
    MZ8048768 Valshar (bought used, standard blonde, Portugal)
    MZ8049112 JohnnyR
    MZ8049205 Waggit: blonde
    MZ8050627 pit_s_xroad (7.3lbs)
    MZ8189457 soonertele DS
    MZ8189464 Stylemaster (Baja Neck, Natural Ash, 8 lbs.)
    MZ8198503 h20man ozzeng BL
    MZ8198851 kohoutec BL
    MZ8198856 metanoia (Desert Sand, Italy
    MZ8198857 robbie68 (Blonde; Vienna, Austria)
    MZ8202988 NickWebb (Butterscotch 8lbs)
    MZ8202990 jazzmaster fan (Butterscotch about 8lbs)
    MZ8206228 SoulPedro (DS 7lbs)
    MZ8279262 D.S.John (Desert Sand purchased Carmarthen, Wales, U.K 7.2lbs)
    MZ8285789 MrSoul (BL 7.4lbs Finland)
    MZ8285798 whitebread (BL 7.5lbs Washington D.C.)
    MZ8285900 Brian Oblivion (VB)
    MZ8291981 spikypaddy: blonde, UK
    MZ8298241 Omiewise65 : blonde , Bavarian Iller Delta 7.4lbs
    MZ8298249 MorganRiley (Desert Sand, Austria, 7lbs/3.2kg)
    MZ8306233 chokecheek (Hamburg DE, Desert Sand)
    MZ8306900 uglycustard

    MZ9194523 BGTele DS
    MZ9364766 TeleAdam (Blonde, all stock, sorry but I didn't mess with the weight, HU)
    MZ9365895 BigMike (7.5lbs, Blonde From UK)
    MZ9367053 SiyarK (Desert Sand, from Holland)
    MZ9369830 widowmaker88 (Blonde. From Glasgow, Scotland UK. Not sure of weight)
    MZ9369841 spiteface (blonde)
    MZ9413434 mr national (Blonde. bought in Lisbon, Portugal. weights 8lbs)
    MZ9441771 Mr_Martin (Vintage Blonde, from Germany)
    MZ9444424 Workingman (Vintage Blonde, Madrid, Spain)
    MZ9457289 musicalmartin (LPB 9lbs)
    MZ9460730 yonie (Lake Placid Blue, bought from
    MZ9493124 Sixslinger (7.2lbs, Lake Placid Blue, from the UK)
    MZ9495110 persuader (lake placid blue) pictures coming
    MZ9496241 fsguitars (Blonde, from Portugal)
    MZ9497263 telemethis BL
    MZ9502166 LouieTM: blonde
    MZ9507594 dan79 - blonde, UK
    MZ9521915 Coach305 (Blonde, purchased in Omaha, NE, USA)
    MZ9523551 Gamble Gold: blonde, 7lbs, UK
    MZ9539911 tonyp23-Blonde 6lbs 5oz (UK)
    MZ9580008 pfogle: blonde, 7lbs 12oz
    MZ9575684 STEVEBAJAUK 8lbs dead ( uk ) blonde

    MX10058949 cheeseflavor (blonde, around 8lbs)
    MX10065887 redcell (blonde 7.5 lbs)
    MX10066539 Jaimo! (Blonde)
    MX10068266 Starrman44 (Blonde 8.0 lbs)
    MX10070604 Seegz (Blonde, 7lbs 4 oz)
    MX10070873 DMAND (Blonde, 8 pounds)
    MX10074262 jimilivz bl 7.2 pounds
    MX10080323 jantha (Blonde, 7.5 lbs)
    MX10072745 loggerboots 7.6 pounds
    MX10078991 jambo1 (blonde, 6.6lbs)
    MX10140138 redstringuitar (blonde, 7.8lbs)
    MX10146907 h20man (Blonde, 7.6lbs)
    MX10148786 AJBaker (Desert Sand, 8.2lb)
    MX10186947 dinmentor (blonde, ? lbs but really light, lighter than my strat)
    MX10205500 mqguitar06 (blonde,?lbs but is light)
    MX10254824 flinx (blonde, 7lbs 10 oz)
  14. JayRobIBZ

    JayRobIBZ Tele-Meister

    Nov 19, 2009
    Palmer, AK
    Ohhhhhhh MAN that tortoise shell guard looks great on that guitar!

    Imdok, aside from the occasional mismatched body pieces or an unusually heavy guitar I don't think there is much that could go wrong with the design. As long as it seems to have the mojo you are looking for it should be a-okay.
  15. JayRobIBZ

    JayRobIBZ Tele-Meister

    Nov 19, 2009
    Palmer, AK
    Oh, and you might run into butt crack, but that isn't an issue unless you make it one.
  16. Davo17

    Davo17 Friend of Leo's

    Apr 5, 2011
    Southern California
    JayRob that looks sweet! I almost went with tort myself and after looking at yours...I still might.
  17. JayRobIBZ

    JayRobIBZ Tele-Meister

    Nov 19, 2009
    Palmer, AK
    Oh, no it isn't my guitar. It is martwest's.

    I'm seriously considering doing a tort guard myself when i finally get around to upgrading the bridge plate and saddles.
  18. twangquest

    twangquest Tele-Meister

    Apr 15, 2010
    Southwest Wyoming
    Like those looks and a weight finally!

    I like that tortoise pg! Was thinking of doin the same with mine.
    Finally got around to weighing mine since it seemed so heavy.
    You guys ready? 8lbs 2 oz!!!!!

    I've switched from my El Dorado Vintage strap to a plain wide one
    that was on my Lonestar Strat. It seems to help. When the time is right, I
    think I'm gonna get a backup Baja. Anyone else have a backup Baja? Well, besides Borris!

    Happy Casting Everyone!
  19. BajaDerek

    BajaDerek Tele-Meister

    Sep 14, 2010
    Washington State
    well...if you wanna take a little detour from portland head east on 84 to the beautiful Tri-Cities. There's a store in Richland that has had a Baja Hanging for a LONG time. You could probably talk them out of it at a good discount. I've played it several times and it's beautiful. It does need a set up, it's pretty bad as it is but everything else is gorgeous. It is very light compared to mine, my baja is 8lbs exactly. so i'd say this one is between 6 and 7 lbs. I love them heavy personally but i know i'm in the minority.
  20. alexpigment

    alexpigment Tele-Afflicted

    Apr 2, 2008
    Austin TX
    Yes, you're in the minority of young, healthy members on the TDPRI! :lol:

    For what it's worth, I like light guitars for long band practice purposes given that I'm playing mostly rhythm, but I'm sure I'd be fine with a 12lb Les Paul if the tone was right. Light guitars suffer from neck dive and they're more difficult to bend notes on the upper frets while standing up (no one seems to acknowledge this, but it's true). It is much easier to play lead when you have a nice counterweight from a heavier body.
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