Backing Track Challenge 408 Reggae


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Mar 31, 2013
near Cologne, Germany
@Mjark : nice contrast between the bt and your delay- sound. With that and the slight overdrive you create a mountain of sound.
@Alan L Cole : just to repeat myself, I love your guitar sound. The additional rythm guitar supports your lead playing. Dig the thrown in blues rock phrases.
@guitarsophist : you got me as soon as I heard that you used a phaser right at the start. Really nice guitar sound and relaxed playing!
@roger@pennyflic : you used this cocked wah sound and not to much distortion, results in a vocal guitar sound. Nice melodic and dynamic playing!
@estreet : sweet clean sound with reverb and a little wah; you played some really nice lines!
@telekaster1999 : very nice! Straight forward guitar solo on those two chords; entertaining till the end.
@Raimonds : another phaser! Dig your relaxed playing. Guitar track mixes very well with the bt.
@klasaine : inviting Steve Winwood was a great idea! I absolutely love your guitar sound, that cocked wah sound with a heavy room reverb!
@mixmkr 2023 : just keep them coming!