Backing Track Challenge 397 Funk


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May 29, 2020
Finland, EU
Had family affairs too, then sanded & radiused the neck of my first hand made Tele, no time to playing today. But I can still listen and go trough all great takes.

@Alan L Cole : Wow, strong title there ;D. Fierce funk going, sounds like a Strat in between position, I hear some SRV vibes together ALC thing. Great track!
@Mjark : Yes latin feel, nice more relaxed pace in between faster runs creates nice tension, classy and groovy take.
@[email protected] : No worries, some steady rock funk with nice licks, rockin!
@udoering : I like your bold tone and straightforward attitude here, cabin crew please be seated for takeoff!
@DrB : Guitar is more part of the mix here, but some smokin' rhythm & soloing going on there. Then wahhhh... oh yeah!
@bullfrogblues : Nice. I like the combination of band going like a steam engine in steroids and then your guitar sings like a vocalist.
@JCL50 : Nice dark & smokey wah sound, elegant start then putting some more pace, classy stuff.


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Mar 31, 2013
near Cologne, Germany
@Alan L Cole : Very nice! A little more overdrive than usual, a very rythmically playing result in a high energy playing. Dig the pickup changes.
@Mjark : you heard it as latin, and you played it as latin. Nice fat sound and melodic playing, ending sounds great.
@[email protected] : catchy phrase to start with! By repeating it your playing gets a structure - no noodling here! Lots of energy.
@DrB : well, that was a highspeed ride, and it was a very entertaining one!
@bullfrogblues : I like the timing of your opening very much, it produces immediate attention. Nice melodic lines included.
@JCL50 : lovely cocked wah sound. Your playing sounds also a little latin to me, with a nice mixture of slower ans faster parts.
@klasaine : the additional rythm guitar is unobstrusive, adds just a little drive; love the jazzy (and non jazzy) lines. You´re going quite fast here.
@Gytaurust : that´s a very complex track. When listening my attention wanders around from one guitar to the other and back again.
@guitarsophist : a very good sounding guitar indeed! Astonishing how you keep your ease with that busy, fast backing track.
@Mellencaster : you sound different - is that pedal new? Sound and playing are both very energetic.