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    Aug 18, 2015
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    I realized that I am on a Telecaster-forum, yet haven't posted anything about my tele.....well, main reason is, that I'm not interested in solidbodies any longer, my main guitar is a hollowbody and my back-up a semi-acoustic.
    But I recently helped out in a band of a couple of friends and used my good old Axstar.
    Not much info available, I didn't even found it in old catalogues. What I know is, that it was produced in 1985 in Japan. Serial number is G850063; locking vibrato with finetuners. I bought it around '87 second hand. I never owned the whammy bar - which is okay, as I rarely use it. TH pu's have a EMG-look (poshy 80's style), but are passive and rather low-output. It's not really a Tele-twangsound, but still nice - more alike a P90 than a humbucker.

    485783_3559119457694_478187266_n.jpg 485783_3559119457694_478187266_n.jpg
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