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    I recently picked up an American Original 60s telecaster neck for a project I was putting together. It seems like the quality in every aspect isn't nearly as good as the American Vintage Reissues I own. I own 2 AVRI 52 telecasters, both are amazing guitars. The original 60s neck is nice and all but it has barely any grain to the maple, has small lacquer imperfections, the rosewood cap Is ok I suppose. Is this the case these days? Why did they phase the AVRIs out? Does anyone have any opinions on the original series?
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    Where did the neck come from? If you don’t mind

    I have an a.o 60’s and the quality is great

    I love mine it’s my workhorse but I also like the American Vintage series a lot

    I think fender realized that they had put out the best/most accurate guitars they’ve ever made and that no one is gonna go custom shop if you can get the same quality cheaper

    So now to get vintage spec it’s custom shop

    I think with the a.o series they consolidated and are offering fewer models to keep production simple and profitable

    I don’t think maple having little grain has anything to do with quality
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    Do you have the AVRI models (made before August 2012) or the AV models (made August 2012-2017)? The reason why I ask is that Fender updated/upgraded the model significantly in August 2012, and then changed some thing back to the way they were before August 2012 when the American Originals came out.

    Looking back at how Fender was arranging their lineup circa 2008 - they had the AVRI series in the production line that were say 90-95% accurate, and if you wanted 98-99% accurate you moved up to the Custom Shop Time Machine series. Between 2008 and 2010 Fender noticed that a lot of their larger volume CS dealers were no longer ordering "regular" Time Machine models but were instead getting team-built special orders with the modern 9.5" radius and larger frets. In 2010 Fender just moved the CS Time Machines to the 9.5 radius/larger frets spec. They also gave the CS a hefty price increase across the board.

    In August 2012 Fender revised the AVRI series to the AV series, taking them up to the 97-98% accurate reproduction for neck shapes, body carves, pickups, etc. - basically replacing the pre-2010 Time Machine series in the "NOS" ("New Old Stock" non-reliced finish) with the AV series that was coming out of the main production line. Among the changes was that "flash coat" thin lacquer finish; the prior AVRI models (1982-July 2012) had nitro top coats over a polyurethane undercoat. They also did year-specific reproduction cases, year-specific reproduction paperwork and other case candy stuff.

    To me the change to American Originals mirrored the change in the CS Time Machines in 2010 - they must have had consumer research that more people would buy a vintage-styled model if it had the 9.5" radius and larger frets, so they replaced the AVs with the AOs - they went back to the nitro-over-poly finish used from 1982-July 2012, and by being non-year-specific they could go to a more generic case (tweed for 50s models, black tolex for 60s models), drop the reproduction paperwork, and Fender stopped including straps and cables on anything but Artist Signature models. In other years they had "modernized" models called "Vintage Hot Rods"; to me the American Original is more a replacement for the "Vintage Hot Rod" (they had 2 "Vintage Hot Rod" series; the 2013-2014 version based off the August 2012 AV series pretty much tanked and only lasted 13-14 months), but instead of being an addition to the Fender lineup the AOs replaced the AVs; I suspect the changes made between the AV and AO series makes the AO's somewhat less expensive to produce.
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