Average guitar player s 15 minutes of fame tell your stories of gigs

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    1.) played to 12 people and drank old crow in an alleyway with our original drummer. heckled the closing band. extricated drummer from a fight. drank more crow, then more vodka. drank more rum. smoked first ever cigarette. slept in one of those weird cube shaped vans on top of the drums. Was Not Arrested. Did not go home with any attractive women.

    2.) played to 20 people through a rented amplifier. was dressed in a miniskirt, tube top, and hoop earrings (please note: i am a male). drank 2 bottles of wine before i plugged in. quit the band onstage (blackmore style! haha). went to the front room and found my guitar case had been filled with silly string. went home with attractive british woman who helped me remove fingernail lacquer.

    3.) played to 3 people in an abandoned catholic school that still had power for some reason. my chorus pedal would not turn on. our new drummer fell over backwards (suffering from ethanol deactivation syndrome) and gave himself a concussion. i managed to get a date for 1AM EST, but i had to find somewhere to deposit my coma-bound percussionist. i wrestled him into a rideshare car to transport us across town (he was dead weight and quite heavy). after a 15 minute car ride, i wake him up. but he still cannot walk. he falls over and concusses himself all over again. finally i push him up a set of stairs by my other buddy's house, prop him up against the front door, ring the bell, and run away. i made it to my date on time.

    i'm a good friend.
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    The phone numbers and the unashamed suggestions from the ladies.

    That's been my 15 seconds of fame!
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    I didn't know GG Allin's Dad was Davie Allen Coe.
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    My musical life started one year ago. Formed a jam band at work. Word got out and we were asked to play our Holiday lunch party. We worked up a short set of covers. Two weeks out the drummer says he can't do it. The other guitarist (and a much better musician than the rest of us) say he can play kick.

    The night before I get no sleep. We show up at the hall for a sound check (company hired sound folks) and set up. At 12:15 we go up in front of 450 people. Remember, this is my first gig ever (I was 55 at the time). We open with Copper Head road. I think I'm going to faint until the first line comes out of my mouth (lead singer). So much fun and energy from the crowd. If I'm honest we were just OK. But everyone had fun and we got lots of compliments.

    I'm now chasing that feeling with regular open mic nights doing my own material.
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    She wasn't the one that got away, She was the one with whom I never had a chance in hell, my high school best friend's sister, one year younger. No matter how much I wanted more, I was always solidly in the friend zone. In hindsight, we had a lot of good times as friends, many great concerts at the Spectrum, always followed by late-night IHOP, but always with her brother and a group of friends in attendance. After high school, we all drifted apart.

    For my 40th reunion two years ago, I was totally focused on getting the band's material practiced and ready for the show, a half-hour set of the "classic rock" we played in the '70s. I didn't give much thought to who would be attending the event, and never realized that since my class of '77 was sharing a double reunion with the class of '78, people one year younger than me would also be there.

    Sure enough, after being forgotten for all those years, She was there. We had a great time catching up on our families, jobs, homes. Our set was supposed to be a surprise, but She figured it out, and was clearly pleased.

    Show time came. Sweet Emotion, Rocky Mountain Way, I Just Wanna Make Love to You.... the set was rough due to limited rehearsal time, but everybody was having fun. Then came All Right Now, a song we didn't do back in the day, but I had always wanted to. I had practiced the hell out of it to make sure I had it perfect. I learned the correct "big boy chord" voicings from Howard Leese in his Fretted Americana video. I had Kossoff's solo down pat, and do a fair imitation of his vibrato.

    Halfway through the solo, I heard a scream and looked up from my trusty Hamer Sunburst. There She was, alone on the dance floor, both arms raised in the air, yelling "Wooooooooo!!!!!". For those few seconds, I was a rock star.
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