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buster poser

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May 1, 2018
Tewa Land NM

I was thinking more like, big corporate morals are flexible where money is concerned. I could be wrong though, I pay even less attention to the news here than I do to western outlets, so maybe he has been plastered all over the place and making headlines here, in this particular market.

Anyway, interconnected points, different emphasis. Cos yep, you certainly are not wrong. I've never seen more than a few minutes of Mad Men, but, yeah, roll out the OLs.*

* office ladies...
Very good point. Corporate morals are basically non-existent, it's about what they want to convey.

I had a long gig at my last employer with a Japanese customer and they were pretty awful to the few women they had on their team (always no higher than schedulers or admins). Colleague of mine was quite conventionally attractive but a helluva engineer and nerd, and absolutely not one to tolerate retrograde stuff like that; she gave 'em both barrels a couple of times to wide smiles from us Yanks.