Are the Genelex gold pin 12AX7's worth the coin?

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    It's hard to change anyone's mind because we all have differing experiences.

    If you find something that works well and the cost justifies the performance for you, that is all that matters.

    The best advice is to do your homework and make an educated decision based not on marketing but on real-world application.

    Back in the 60s and 70s when a tube popped, you went to the local TV shop, Lafayette, or Radio Shack and bought a replacement tube. You popped it in and went back to work; there was no tube matching, re-biasing, etc. These amps were designed to work with any tube that matched design spec.

    Yes, I know tubes sound different from each other, and I taste-test tubes in my amps for best sound. However, if a tube sounds great in one amp it does not mean it will sound great in another. Shooting the money cannon at an amp is usually not the best way to great sound.

    Bottom line: the absolute best thing you can do to improve your tone is practice...but that is difficult for many people because it's a whole lot easier (and quicker) to spend money than time. How many overdrive pedals does a guitar player really need? Practice is cheap! But you have to work for it.

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    Most tubes aren't that expensive and there are a few things in this life that I won't cave in to regardless of social pressure and one of them is making a switch to solid state. That's like getting a robot for a girlfriend.
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