Anyone using a Starlink?


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Feb 19, 2010
Houston, TX
I'm thinking about getting a Starlink system for my truck camping rig. Too many places I like to go camping have no cell signal. My current job also allows a fair amount of remote work.

Seems like their RV package is fairly reasonably priced. I guess my questions are

What if I'm camping in an area with a lot trees, will I be able to get a decent connection to a satellite?

What if I'm in the boonies with no electricity for several days.. will the Starlink drain my car's battery?

Do I plug the Starlink power cable directly into my vehicle cigarette lighter? Or do I need to get a little portable inverter first?

When I'm back home can I plug my Starlink directly into a wall outlet for power?

Can I put my Starlink dish on my back covered patio that looks low to the East and will it be able to connect to a signal? If so then I can cancel my home internet.

And overall, how happy are you with your Starlink, reliability, price, features, etc... any complaints?

Thanks ya'll...


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Mar 21, 2007
My mom's basement.
I'm sorry for lack of info with mobile use, but I've noticed it works reasonably well at some remote businesses I patronize. I was just traveling near Lake Superior and again found it was fine for phone app use, basic web use, etc.... but it, possibly system capacity and possibly weather were not ideal when I need an encrypted TCP connection the way same application was more reliable when I had good Verizon coverage.

A few lodging places I've been to in past year have had it and in most cases it is fine.

I would not totally dismiss it.

In considering it and what to do at our cabin I used the maps that compare cellular coverage and the FCC map that shows ISP coverage. From that I changed our cellular plan and it mostly works out but last week I did have time where it could have been better than cellular.

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