Anyone Suffer from Misophonia ? A 2020 IG Nobel Award Winner

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    Damiaan Denys and his colleagues earned the Ig Nobel in medicine for pioneering a new psychiatric diagnosis—misophonia—getting annoyed by noises others make. Denys, a professor at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and a psychiatrist who specializes in patients with anxiety, compulsive and impulsive disorders, was inspired by a former patient who became so enraged by people who sneezed that she felt like killing them.

    I used to call it the 'Devils Tap' when any of my siblings would drum on things like a pencil on a tablet. Drives me crazy!

    Some other ig nobel award winners - Scientists froze human poop to -50 degrees and fashioned it into a knife to see if the legends describing using it to cut meat were true. Spoiler! (They're not)

    Read about it here:
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    I'll tell you what is annoying. It's when some punk kid asks do you know the Gettysburg address? You say sure. Then they ask you to go ahead and repeat it. Who can remember the exact address of a place when you've only driven by it at sixty miles an hour?
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